The Book: Our Love Story by Phoebe

Every year when it comes to Gregie’s birthday, it’s the time for me to maximize the level of creativity and imagination in order to surprise him. For the past few years, he always tells me that “this is the most memorable birthday ever!” Then I have the other 365 days to get ready for the next birthday.

This year, I didn’t plan on giving him anything, I was about to use Kono as the gift, I mean come on, after all, I gave birth to his daughter, didn’t I? But oh no, I already did the same thing on Father’s Day,  it would be so lame if I used the same card again. Plus part of me still wants to hear “this is the most memorable birthday ever” from him so I decided to do something secretly for his birthday.

The first gift is a book called “Your Baby’s First Word Will be DADA” by Jimmy Fallon. Not too long ago, Kono started talking to us with her own baby language, it sounds like “mamama...mamama….”. We know that she was not really calling me but one day, I overheard Gregie told Kono “Why are you only calling mama, what about DADA?” To ease his broken heart, I immediately went on Amazon and ordered this book for him. Let’s just hope that Kono’s first word will be DADA!!!

The second gift is tickets to the new Star Wars movie in December. Gregie is a true Star Wars fan, plus I always enjoy the movie date with him so this should be a good gift for him (or both of us); I even requested a day off for the movie opening day. Best Wife Ever!!!


I found the third gift in Brooklyn, NY. There is a store in Dumbo called Shinola and I found a very nice 2018 planner for him (sometimes, he is forgetful, he relies on the planner for certain occasions). The salesperson told me that they do monogramming in-store so I asked him to put Gregie’s initial on the cover so here you go, it just became the one and only planner on Earth. And of course, I got the same one in different color for myself.

The last gift, is probably the gift to score “this is the most memorable birthday ever” point.
I always want to write/make a book for him to record our not-so-ordinary life; especially we are from 2 people + 1 dog to 2 people + 1 dog + 1 little person. As we are getting ready to move on to the next chapter of our life, I want somehow to memorize our past journey so I made this book for him, the book about us.
I found this website ; on this site, I can write a story, pick the graphics and arrange the pages easily. It’s like a semi-DIY place to make your own book. I was planning to do only 10 pages but while I was making it, more and more memories came up, I finally finished the book with 42 pages in 3 days. I wrote about the stories when we were dating, traveling or just our everyday life. Gregie said it’s a real surprise and he almost cried when he was flipping through the pages. Let me share some pages with you but the rest of them, I want to keep it for Gregie and I only.


And, Happy Birthday to my Husband. You know, I love you……..this much!


每一年老外的生日, 就是我發揮創造力跟想像力到極致的時刻! 他通常在生日過後, 都會跟我說這是他最難忘的生日~ 然後我又有一年的時間去找尋靈感, 準備下一個生日到來! (有沒有這麼隆重啊!)

今年本來想草草敷衍他的生日, 想說我都生一個女兒給他了, 把Kono直接當作生日禮物給他也是理所當然, 但偏偏這招在父親節已經使用過了, 加上我默默地在心底還是想要聽到他說"這是我最難忘的生日", 於是乎, 我又再度出動平常不太用的大腦, 開始尋找他的生日禮物~

第一份禮物是一本書, 叫做 Your Baby’s First Word Will be DADA- 你的寶貝說的第一個字會是爸爸, 是美國脫口秀主持人Jimmy Fallon出的。
最近Kono開始跟我們用聽不懂的嬰兒語對話, 聽起來像是"媽媽媽媽媽媽....", 雖然知道她不是真的在叫我, 可是某天我偷聽到老外跟Kono說"你怎麼只叫媽媽, 那你什麼時候才要叫DADA?"。為了安慰他那小小受傷的心靈, 我馬上去亞馬遜網站訂了這本書, 讓他們父女倆可以培養感情....

第二份禮物是年底即將上映, 星際大戰的電影票! 老外是百分之百星際大戰迷, 我則是單純的夫唱婦隨, 反正去電影院是我們最愛的約會, 就跟著一起去看吧! 而且為了讓他可以在上映當天就看到, 我不但搶到了兩張票, 還刻意在那天請假, 就不用等到下班後才去戲院人擠人! 有沒有很貼心?

第三份禮物是我在紐約布魯克林找到的! 在路上隨意亂逛時, 發現了一間手工皮革店, 找到了一款2018年的記事本, (老外是一個偶爾會健忘的人, 記事本對他來說很重要), 我還把他名字的縮寫用燙金印在封面, 這樣就變成世界上獨一無二的記事本了~ 往上拉看影片, 可以看到燙金的過程唷!


第四份禮物, 也是讓老外說出"這是我最難忘的生日"的關鍵!

一直以來, 我就很想做一本書給他, 記錄我們不怎麼平凡的生活, 尤其是今年家裡多了一位小成員, 從兩個人一隻狗變成兩個人, 一隻狗, 加一名不受控的嬰兒; 所以想在人生繼續往前走時, 也把過去保留下來! 所以我找到了一個半DIY的網站, 製作了這一本書, 是我們的故事書! 

整個過程大概花了三天吧! 這個網站, 可以讓我寫故事, 選圖片, 加排版。 本來我只想做10頁就好, 但在編排的過程中, 想起了更多回憶, 最後完成時變成42頁, 從交往到結婚, 曾經去哪裡玩, 以及平常的生活都描繪出來了! 老外說他真的很驚喜, 翻著書時, 因為太感動, 眼淚還在眼框裡不停地轉圈圈......在這裡跟大家分享裡面的其中幾頁, 但完整的內容就留給老外跟我自己收藏。

然後, 親愛的老外, 生日快樂, 我愛你!!