The day I ran into Casey Neistat in NYC

I am the type of person who likes to give myself goals or TO-DO List frequently and then I try my best to make things happen. That’s why I like a person, a thing or a subject to inspire or motivate myself to keep going, boost my energy, and open my imagination.

Before I met Greg, my life was boring and falling apart; as much as I didn’t care about how or what people think about me...I always wanted to do something big, but I didn’t have the wings to fly. Then Greg showed up in my life. He didn’t have a white horse or a car actually (his cars were flooded two days after we met), but he is always there for me; he encourages me and supports my crazy ideas. Better yet, most of the time, he holds my hands to make things happen. Together, we have reached a lot of milestones and we have a lot more things to do.

This year, Greg introduced a Youtuber to me, his name is Casey Neistat, watching his videos make me want to do things. I want to get out, I want to move my butt all the time to do more things. That’s how I become Casey’s little fan. Sometimes when life gets too busy and I forget who I am or how happy I am when I help other people, I will watch his videos to remind myself of the life I want.

“The only thing that stands between you and everything you’ve ever wanted is doing it.”

2 weekends ago, I flew to New York for a few days. On that Saturday, I was walking around Soho with my friend Kasia. When we came out from a Muji Store, I saw some people dressed up like Star Wars characters on the street waiting for the red light, I didn’t think it was odd, it was Halloween weekend anyway. After they drove away, Kasia told me that the guy on the back is Jesse, the other famous Youtuber. I didn’t give it much mind because I wasn’t aware of Jesse at the time.

We kept walking for 5 or 6 blocks. When we were waiting for a red light, I told Kasia that ever since we booked the tickets for this trip, I have been dreaming of running into Casey on the street. But I will be totally satisfied with just doing FaceTime with Greg, check-in on Facebook and take some pictures in front of Casey’s studio. Shortly after we crossed the street, I saw a group of people standing on the sidewalk, Jesse was there and then I spotted Casey! They were working on the Halloween episode and I happened to see it. (OMG)

For real, I froze for a few seconds. I didn’t know what to do besides taking out my phone to share the news with Greg. I was talking to Greg and the same time slowly approaching this group; eventually I was only 5 feet away from Casey like a crazy stalker. Kasia said my voice was louder than my usual self and I am pretty sure that Greg wanted to hang up the phone so badly but he had to be a supportive husband so he didn’t. I just stood there and watched Casey like a stubborn Shiba Inu, until Kasia pulled me away….

Let’s jump back to last year in Tokyo, I had 24 hours layover in Japan before I flew to Las Vegas. One of my bucket lists was to see a Shiba Inu on the streets of Japan. When I was walking around the city, I turn on my dog search radar but there was not even one dog in sight. On my way back to the hotel at night, I was standing on one intersection and still hoping to see one Shiba Inu, and BOOM!!! I saw Shiba!!! Not just one Shiba, there were THREE Shiba Inus. One big one and two puppies. Believe me, my heart almost stopped! On that moment, it's just me and three Shibas in this world, no one else matters.

Ok, so the point of my story is not just about how much I love Shiba Inu and Casey Neistat. I want to tell you that if you have a strong mind, if you believe in yourself and you know what you want, then do it!  Remember “When we are told that we can't, we all have the same answer:“WATCH ME”!”

我是一個常常給自己訂很多小目標, 然後小跑步往前衝的人。我很喜歡各種人, 事, 物能夠讓我產生動力, 然後堅持下去。
在認識老外前, 我的生活很阿雜, 雖然有想要實現的夢想, 但不知道要從哪下手, 總覺得少了ㄧ對可以飛翔的翅膀~我確定老外是我白馬王子的原因之一, 就是因為他總是在背後鼓勵我做那些別人覺得很奇怪的小事, 他甚至會牽著我的手, 跟我一起完成我們的小目標! 這樣的人出現在我面前, 不把他佔為己有怎麼行!!!

今年初, 老外跟我說YouTube上有一個很紅的人叫Casey Neistat, 他曾說過: 在生活中唯一連接你跟每一件你曾經想做的事, 就是去做它! 就這樣, Casey成了我的心靈雞湯, 有時候忙到煩了, 覺得自己沒有創造性了, 人生故事平淡到寫不下去了, 或是忘記幫助人有多快樂時, 我就會看他的影片,自動充飽電後, 又可以活潑亂跳做一堆事情!

上上個週末我去紐約旅行, 星期六那天早上, 天氣超好, 我和朋友Kasia先搭地鐵去蘇活區亂晃, 一轉身看到打扮成星際大戰人物的兩個人在等紅燈, 當時我沒想很多, 只覺得反正是萬聖節週末, 看到這樣的狀況其實很正常! 等我拍完照, Kasia興奮地跟我說後座的男生也是YouTube上很紅的人, 我其實不知道他是誰, 不過還是很開心! 繼續往前走幾個街口, 我跟Kasia說我腦子裡一直默默地希望可以在紐約見到Casey本人, 只要在他工作室樓下跟老外視訊, 臉書打卡, 然後照幾張相, 我就已經可以開心地回芝加哥了! 馬路才剛過完, 我們看到前面有一群人在路邊聊天,定神一看, 居然是剛剛的星際大戰人物, 還有我一直想要見到的Casey! 他們在準備拍攝萬聖節特輯, 而我們剛好參與其中!!!


我整個興奮到講不出話來, 完全不知所措, 只記得要拿出手機跟老外視訊分享這件事! 然後就像小粉絲一樣一步一步地慢慢靠近那群人, 最後站在離Casey不到五步距離的地方跟老外分享我的喜悅!! Kasia說我當時候講話比平常大聲一倍, 她覺得非常不好意思。。我也覺得老外迫不及待想把視訊結束, 但無奈老婆正在分享喜悅, 所以忍耐住了! 我就這樣像隻固執的柴犬在原地站著不動, 直到Kasia跑回來把我領走......

2017-10-28 14.00.25.jpg

場景跳到去年, 快閃東京24小時, 我一直很想在路上遇到柴犬.....那天一出門我就把尋找柴犬的雷達打開, 一整天到處走遍了, 居然連一隻狗都沒看到!!! 晚上回去旅館的路上, 我還在狂想著一定要看到柴犬, 過了一個小馬路, 居然有一隻大的, 兩隻小的柴犬在路邊等主人!!!! 當時候, 周遭的一切完全暫停, 這世界只有我跟這三隻柴犬, 其他人完全都不存在! 當然, 合照是一定要的! 只差沒有跟老外視訊, 因為漫遊太貴了!

這兩個故事的重點, 除了我愛柴犬及Casey本人之外, 其實是想跟大家說, 只要你有強大的信念, 一直去想一件事, 或是不放棄地去做一件事, 期盼已久的事就有可能會發生! 
(原來, 這是一個具有啟發性的故事啊!)