White Christmas 2017

今年是名符其實的白色聖誕節, 雖然我超討厭雪, 不過白色配紅色加綠色的聖誕節, 很漂亮! 似乎也只有聖誕節才能讓紅配綠正大光明的出現!  對我來說, 聖誕節是一個讓人感到特別幸福的日子, 跟宗教或是禮物都沒有關係。
三年前的聖誕夜, 老外跟我求婚, 兩年前的聖誕節我們飛去波特蘭探險, 然後去年的聖誕節是在台北渡過, 而今年的聖誕節, 有Kono跟我們一起過!


因為太喜歡聖誕節, 我11月初就把聖誕樹擺出來了, 而且上班的時候狂放聖誕歌曲。。 然後前幾天, 我帶全家去搭聖誕列車, 還讓Kono跟聖誕老人照相; 對我而言, 最棒的聖誕節, 是能夠待在有暖氣的房子裡, 一整天穿著睡衣跟綿襪, 喝著熱咖啡或是奶茶, 聽著聖誕歌曲, 然後早早躲進被窩裡, 一夜好眠。但說真的, 假如每天都這樣悠閒, 我也是不介意啦!

2017-12-22 00.42.09.jpg

今天是聖誕夜, 外面下著大雪, 老外準備了比平常豐富的晚餐, 我點了烤餅乾味道的蠟燭, 電視上播著跟聖誕節有關的電影, 雖然知道Kono肯定不會記得她的第一個聖誕節, 我們還是想要用盡心思, 讓她體驗聖誕節的傳統! 我很喜歡今年的聖誕節, 雖然沒有交換禮物, 沒有火雞大餐, 但有香味, 有音樂, 有歡笑, 有白雪, 還有我們一家四口!

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We got a White Christmas this year. Honestly, I really hate snow but white plus green plus red make this Christmas super pretty. Besides, red + green will never look good together if it’s not for Christmas.

Growing up, my family never celebrated Christmas; however, Christmas have brought me happiness during the past few years. It has nothing to do with religion or presents, it’s all about us. Three years ago, Greg proposed to me on Christmas Eve; two years ago, we spent Christmas in Portland and last year, we did our Christmas with my family in Taiwan. So much good memories! But nothing beats this year because we are celebrating with LITTLE KONO. 

Because I love Christmas so much, I can’t help but put up the tree in early November, plus  I have been playing Christmas songs non stop. We even went on the Christmas Trolley a few days ago and Kono had her pictures taken with Santa on that day. To me, the best way to spend Christmas is to stay in a warm house, wear pajama and cozy socks all day, drinking hot coffee or milk tea, listening to Christmas music, go to bed super early and have multiple sweet dreams throughout the night. Well, I wouldn’t mind being able to spend everyday like this!!!

2017-12-10 15.31.35.jpg

Today is Christmas Eve, it has been snowing outside since this morning. Greg made a special meal for our dinner; I lit the candles with fresh baked cookies scents and we have been watching Christmas movies all day long. I know that Kono will not remember her first Christmas but we still want to give her a glimpse of the Christmas tradition. I love this year’s Christmas; although there is not many presents and no big turkey, but there is a nice meal, joyful music, plenty of laughter, fluffy snow and four of us, the family.

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